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Russian Pavlov Posad Shawl
100% Wool

50" X 50"/ 56" X 56"

These shawls were made at the world famous factory in Pavlovo Posad, Russia, a village just outside of Moscow. The factory was established in 1812 where craftsmen still practice the intricate art of fabric printing. Original designs are engraved in wooden blocks, pattern by pattern, then printed one colo-r at a time.

You can feel the softness of this fabric made of pure natural 100 % wool and not exposed to any kind of technical processing. The shawl will warm you in cold weather, but in a warm season the woolen fiber "breathes" allowing your skin to breathe, too.

Among accessories used by a modern woman to accentuate her grace and originality, this shawl has a very special place. Each piece is a unique, intricately designed work of art -that gives the shawl a magnificent appearance and an unsurpassed advantage of a pure natural wool!

This shawl is multi-functional: may also serve as a unique and beautiful table cloth for a table or as a throw on a chair to create a bright spot in your room.

We would like to offer you shawls in three different sizes. Please choose the size you'd like to see first:


Men's Cache-Nez/ Scarfs/ 36" X 36"/ 50" X 50"/ 56" X 56"