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Traditional Russian Mittens
Hand-woven and hand-knit
100% pure wool, highest quality Made by: A .Polyakova



Small (Teen) Size (fits avg. teen's hand)



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This is what we posted 5 years ago: Anna Ilyinichna Polyakova is a retired school teacher. She worked at school for almost 40 years and she is a good friend of our family. She lives in a remote village of Komi Republic (Russia), not far from the Arctic circle with severe cold winters.. Her monthly pension now equals $40 -- it is worth of 2 trips to the grocery store. She keeps sheep, chicken, pigs -- a lot of hard work in order to feed herself. She presented me with a pair of nice thick mittens last year: my hands felt like they were near the heater while I was shoveling snow near the house in Maine: mittens were nice and warm and it felt they bear the warmth of Anna's heart. This year, when I was in Russia, it came to my mind that we can probably help Anna Ilyinichna: I asked her to make a dozen of pairs for us. She cut the wool off the sheep, washed it, made threads -- all by hand -- and then knitted these wonderful mittens. She was busy almost the whole summer with this project.

BOL'SHOE SPASIBO from all of us at Kremlin Gifts!

This is a nonprofit venture for us: all the proceeds will go to supplement retirement of a really nice and kind person, Anna Ilyinichna.

We hope that the warmth of her heart will make your hands feel more comfortable next winter in these decorative and thick woolen mittens. No machinery was used in their production. We thank you for your support.