You may have your portrait or a portarait of your very special friend or relative painted on a gorgeous lacquer box by talented Russian artists. This person will be dressed in a 18th century Russian costume of your choice.

Another theme that is requested very frequently is painting of someone's house, or beautiful nature view that you see from the window of your house on a lacquer box.

Both make an unforgettable and very personal and special gift and a life-time memory. The artwork is superb.

The price for a custom painted lacquer box depends on a size and will range from $200 for a medium box and up to $450. All custom painted boxes have to be pre-paid either by check or credit card

It may take up to three months to complete the order. Your box will be painted in Russia, but will be shipped to your address from the United States, so the delivery will be guaranteed.

IThe box will arrive to you with a certificate of authenticity and will be signed by the artist.

You may send us a scanned image by email at custom@KremlinGifts.Com. If you do not have a scanned image please send us a regular picture by mail to:

Custom Orders, attn. Natasha
Box 0002
Fairfield, ME 04937-0002

Please include your email address or your telephone number and the best time to call. We will contact you to discuss the details. All the pictures that you will send to us will be returned to you unharmed within a week.