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Birchbark picture
Birchbark picture
Birchbark picture

Birchbark picture

Price: $185.00 Size: 14 1/2"x 12 3/4"
Artist: Alexandrov Stock:birchpic106
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Absolutely Unique!
Pictures made of Russian Birch bark

These unique pictures are created by a former Russian Air Force pilot who found his new passion in art after he had studied the ancient technology of Novgorod people to use birch bark for various purposes. He was amazed that books handwritten on birch bark in XI century (1000 yeas ago) are still preserved intact. He studied the methods of preservation used by the ancients and reproduced it. Mr. Alexandrov boils the birch bark and attaches pieces with a home-made glue (strong!).

Birch bark is collected ONLY from fallen trees, so no harm is made to living forests.

The picture from birch bark pieces is a composition which is reached by careful selection and adjustment of various slices according to their size and color. Pictures are made manually, of course; after that they are professionally matted and framed for a finished look.

This birch bark picture does not use paints, and the color palette effect of is reached by careful selection of various birch bark pieces by the form and color of the trees growing in various areas: for example, birch bark of a birch growing near to a bog or the river has one color, in thick woods - another, in the open spaces - the third, and a birch growing near to forest fire - the fourth. After gathering birch bark it is necessary to straighten it up. Further, the master piece by piece laboriously unites a "birch bark mosaic " into a single entity.

Pictures from birch bark will serve as a bright and unusual gift or a unique decoration for an interior of your house, adding an absolutely unique and original Russian spirit. There are less than a thousand pictures of this type in the world.